Dublin City Council and the Rediscovery Centre conceived a partnership project to revamp Ballymun’s old Boiler House and create a national centre of excellence in education for sustainable development.

The Centre has been designed to ensure a minimum carbon footprint in construction and throughout its operational lifetime. The building achieved an SEAI BER of A-2.

Building features include:

  • Passive design: Natural ventilation with high Thermal Insulation and Optimising orientation
  • Heating and Electricity from alternative, renewable and sustainable sources
  • Rain water harvesting and Grey water recycling
  • The incorporation of Green roofs and a Green Living Wall
  • Building construction and Landscaping to encourage Biodiversity
  • Best practice Waste and Energy management
  • Materials selection having regard to their Reuse, Recycled, Natural and Sustainable properties

Ecologically sound materials were used throughout the centre’s construction. A detailed sustainable construction performance specification was developed to support the project’s objective to demonstrate the importance, scale and challenge of living in a more connected way with the resources around us so that they are not wasted but protected and preserved and fully utilised. A commitment to low carbon construction methods was pursued.

The Rediscovery Centre’s operations create Europe’s first educational 3D textbook. The centre demonstrates best practice building design, construction and operation and defines the building and environs as an educational tool to inspire, inform and lead positive behavioural change with respect to resource management and efficiency.

Photographs by Paul Tierney